Jena Darvey potrayed by Emma Watson. A young british medic who is Winnet's best friend and fell in love with Derrial Tam. She is strong and graceful as well sassy.


Jena most of the time is laid back, calm, but sometimes she can be crazy and wild.


Love InterestsEdit

Jena and Derry


Derry was smitten with Jena the moment he laid eyes on her. The two met after she successfully saved his life medically. Derry was the first to suggest having her stay with them for good. During her stay, the two formed a quick friendship, discovering that they had a lot in common. Derry finally asks Jena on a date and the two entered a relationship which had to end soon after Winnet's kidnapping and Derry's departure into the future. When she appears in the future, she seems to have changed and is working for the alliance with Winnet. Even though she has did some terrible things. However, in the course of their conflict Derry still maintains a deep affection for Jena and believed that there may yet be a chance for her to reform.


Melody TamEdit

Melody and Jena do not get along. Melody fears that Jena will hurt Derry (which she eventually does) and Jena hates Melody, for the reason her father was killed in the pursuit of her mother.