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File:A young Melody after recieving news or her mother's death.jpgFile:Baby Derry.jpgFile:Derial and Winnie.jpg
File:Derry4.jpgFile:Derry and Jena.jpgFile:Derry and Jena2.jpg
File:Derry and Jena3.jpgFile:Derry and Jena5.jpgFile:Derry and Jena6.jpg
File:Derry and Jena7.jpgFile:Derry and Jena kiss.jpgFile:Derry and Jenna4.jpg
File:Derry and Mel.jpgFile:Derry and Mel2.jpgFile:Derry and Mel4.jpg
File:Derry and Will, best friends.jpgFile:Derry and Winnie celebrating.jpgFile:Derry and Zephie.jpg
File:Derry being compared Simon.jpgFile:Derry hiding from his mother.jpgFile:Derry in the snow.jpg
File:Derry with Winnie.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Hope and derry.jpgFile:Image.jpgFile:Inara.jpg
File:Jena.jpgFile:Jena2.jpgFile:Jena and Derry.jpg
File:Mal and Derry meeting during a con.jpgFile:Melody.jpgFile:Melody1.jpg
File:Melody2.jpgFile:Melody3.jpgFile:Melody amd Derry.jpg
File:Melody and Derry.jpgFile:Melody and River.jpgFile:Melody and Will.jpg
File:Melody and Zephie.jpgFile:Melody ans Winnie.jpgFile:Melody posing.jpg
File:River.jpgFile:River2.jpgFile:River and a young Melody.jpg
File:River with a baby Melody.jpgFile:River with a young Melody.jpgFile:Simon.jpg
File:Willy2.jpgFile:Willy3.jpgFile:Winnie and Derry.jpg
File:Winnie and Jena .jpgFile:Winniw.jpgFile:Winniw3.jpg
File:Young Winniw holding a baby Derry.jpgFile:Zephie.jpgFile:Zephie2.jpg
File:Zephie3.jpgFile:Zephie and Derry.jpgFile:Zephie and Melody.jpg

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