Zephillia "Zephie" Bree Cardoc portrayed by Brit Robertson. A skilled companion whose an childhood friend of William Reforx. She trained most of her life under Inara and became a close friend of Melody Tam.


Zephie was raised as a companion by Inara. She was her only student and pride's herself on her skills. She was a childhood friend of William Reforx and came to visit him and ended up meeting Derrial Lee Faye Tam and Melody Tam who became her best friend.


Zephie can be very caring but possessive of the people she loves. Zephie is very harsh and judgmental during first meetings, but after winning her approval she is very loyal. She is very strong-minded and equally stubborn. Zephie is an intellectual genius, as well as clever and witty. She's also analytical, strategic, and is very wise.



Zephie and Melody

Melody TamEdit

Melody and Zephie are best friends. The two got introduced by William Reforx and at first were wary of each other. They shared a mutual of despise of Jena Darvey which brought them together. The two became as close as sisters, so much to the point that Zephie would feel gross about thinking of Derry as anything but a friend despite that he's Melody's cousin.

Derrial Lee Faye TamEdit

Zephie and Derry

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, Derry and Zephie are on good terms. Their relationship did not start out well with Zephie treating Derry bad thing he's a rich kid. as they spent more time together they began to understand each other more, even being able to work together with little arguments. They eventually grow to from an unfriendly relationship to considering each other valuable friends and allies.

Love InterestsEdit

William ReforxEdit